CEDAR Release 1.1: Property Relations

May 6, 2017

Our latest release of the CEDAR Workbench adds sophisticated semantic features, and a number of other improvements.


Features in This Release

CEDAR Property Relations for a FIeldProperty Annotations: CEDAR now allows metadata templates to be annotated with property URIs from BioPortal, allowing CEDAR metadata templates to express complex relationships between template components. With these annotations, CEDAR now generated linked RDF graphs with the corresponding relations.

Fields for IRIs (aka URIs): The Workbench has a new Link field type to allow users to enter URIs of other resources, including external to CEDAR.

Validation of JSON-LD inputs: When any system provides a JSON-LD-formatted template or instance via the REST API, CEDAR will make sure that template is syntactically correct before accepting it into the system.

CEDAR's RDF display for metadata instancesRDF version of your data: You can now get an RDF representation of CEDAR metadata, whether in the Metadata Editor interface, or via the REST API.

As always, we continue to improve the user interface for CEDAR, mostly small features this release! And we've started the work to Dockerize the entire CEDAR system, so it will be easy to install in your dedicated environment. More soon on that!

Please visit the CEDAR release notes for more details about CEDAR releases.


Last Updated: 
May 6 2017 - 5:51pm