CEDAR Workbench groups feature released

November 22, 2016

Choosing groups to share with in CEDARWith today's release of CEDAR Workbench version 0.8.6, all users have the ability to create and manage groups, and to use these groups to manage sharing (access permissions) for their products. 

Users access this capability through the existing Share feature, available from the options menu icon  in the right side of the top menubar , or by secondary click on the artifact to be shared. Any permissions granted on a folder will be enabled recursively to all the contents of that folder.

With this feature, CEDAR members can create teams (groups) with common access privileges. and control access to artifacts simply by controlling who makes up the membership of the team that has access. 

To first create a team for sharing, click on the Group Settings button  at the bottom of the Share dialog. This will give you the option to either edit an existing group (if you have admin permissions on the group), or create a new group.


Other Features

A number of other features and fixes were included with this release:

  • A preliminary version of our Value Recommendation software, allowing users to enable the Value Recommendation service for particular fields in their templates. (We are still documenting this service to make it easier
  • Better responsiveness with large numbers of instances in the system.
  • A number of UI modifications for improved readability.
  • Implemented singleton client for improved indexing performance. 
  • Backend improvements for improved performance and maintenance. 

In the Pipeline

We have been working on several interesting features that will be migrated to the production server in coming months. A significantly updated user interface view for metadata entry, the first capability to fill in multiple fields of metadata from an external repository based on a unique inputs, and more robust instructions and examples for our value recommendation service are in the works. We also have a lot of test writing and bug fixing scheduled, to make the service increasingly reliable for the coming major releases.

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Dec 10 2016 - 3:41pm