CEDAR Release 1.2: Robustification

June 5, 2017

Not all CEDAR releases are super-special, sometimes we just have to take care of business. That's what we did this month, getting ready to do some things and making other things better.


Features in This Release

CEDAR Multi-element controlsMulti-element cloning: If you're working on one element in a multi-element collection and decide you want another one, you have more choices: cloning the one you're on (use the Copy icon, shown), or creating a new blank element (with the orange + icon).

General hardening: We increased test coverage and improved the performance of tests, letting us do lots more unit testing. (Previously our regression testing focused on system-level tests alone.)

JSON-LD validation performance: When CEDAR validated big complex JSON-LD templates and instances, it just took too long. Now it's faster.

Coming attractions

Metadata indexed on the web!: For our Schema.org supplement, we've started experimenting with publishing HTML that includes schema.org markup. So when future metadata is globally readable, it'll be shared to Google and the world. (We'll have more to say about this soon!)

Docker-friendly: All CEDAR components have been configured to be deployable with Docker, so we—and eventually anyone—can quickly and easily deploy CEDAR.

Please visit the CEDAR release notes for more details about CEDAR releases.


Last Updated: 
Jun 17 2017 - 6:27pm