CEDAR release 0.9.2

February 1, 2017

Today’s release of the CEDAR Workbench version 0.9.2 provides advanced capabilities for sharing resources, and the first in a series of planned intelligent authoring capabilities.

CEDAR Shared with Me screen, Search and Filters on

Building on the group-based permissions provided by previous releases, CEDAR now provides a unified sharing view, allowing users to interactively explore all resources shared with them. The new shared-with-me mode provides a quick overview of of shared resources, greatly enhancing the ability of users to work collaboratively when developing and reusing metadata resources in CEDAR.

As a first step in providing an array of intelligent authoring features, we have enhanced the CEDAR Workbench with value recommendation capabilities. Our system identifies common patterns in the CEDAR metadata repository, and generates real-time suggestions for filling out metadata templates. These suggestions are context-sensitive, meaning that the values predicted for a particular field are generated and ranked based on previously entered values. Our value recommendation approach supports both free-text values and terms from ontologies and controlled terminologies. This feature aims to speed up the metadata acquisition process.

This release also incorporates and significant number of server-side enhancements that aim to harden the system and provide consistency over the various CEDAR REST APIs. We trust you will appreciate not seeing the errors that otherwise might have resulted.

Last Updated: 
Feb 2 2017 - 10:08am