CEDAR moved to cedar.metadatacenter.org

October 10, 2017

As you use CEDAR, you may notice its address on the web has changed!  We've moved the CEDAR Workbench application from https://cedar.metadatacenter.net, to https://cedar.metadatacenter.org.

You may not notice this change, because we're automatically forwarding from the old .net address via a (301) redirect. So any browser accesses should redirect gracefully. If you are using CEDAR APIs, though, you will have to replace the old IRI with the new one.*

For those of you RDF and semantic buffs who care about such things, none of the existing identifiers (minted with .net in their path) are changing, because we are committed to keeping those identifiers persistent over CEDAR's lifetime. Any new identifiers will be minted with the .org path. And if you put one of the .net identifiers in your browser, CEDAR's resolution software will still handle it appropriately.

Thanks for using CEDAR.

John and the CEDAR Team

* We are sending detailed information on this change to the cedar-users list, but it is copied here in case it is of interest.

We recently changed our domain for the CEDAR workbench from metadatacenter.net to metadatacenter.org.
In order for existing old links to work, we kept the metadatacenter.net domain, and added redirects to these domains. 
So, if you access the old address with curl:
                curl -i --header "Authorization: apiKey <your_key>" --header "Accept: application/json" "https://resource.metadatacenter.net/templates/https%3A%2F%2Frepo.metadatacenter.net%2Ftemplates%2Fe3438dbf-a107-4a7e-b7ce-0c872415b520"
You will get a redirect from nginx:
                HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
                Server: nginx/1.10.3
                Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 17:54:16 GMT
                Content-Type: text/html
                Content-Length: 185
                Connection: keep-alive
                Location: https://resource.metadatacenter.org/templates/https%3A%2F%2Frepo.metadatacenter.net%2Ftemplates%2Fe3438dbf-a107-4a7e-b7ce-0c872415b520
As you can see from the response, the address is exactly the same, the only thing changed is the top level domain.

If you execute the curl with the new address:

               curl -i --header "Authorization: apiKey <your_key>" --header "Accept: application/json" "https://resource.metadatacenter.org/templates/https%3A%2F%2Frepo.metadatacenter.net%2Ftemplates%2Fe3438dbf-a107-4a7e-b7ce-0c872415b520"

You will get the requested resource.
Please Note, that although our domain name changed, we did not change the resource ids, so those will contain the .net domain. That should not affect any operations. The ids should be treated as persistent strings.
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